Vineyard is a family of churches pursuing God’s Kingdom for our nation

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About the Vineyard

Who are we?

Vineyard Churches Australia currently represents 16 church communities around our great nation.


Our story

What are we about?

Our communities value worship, healing, relationships & training. Everyone gets to play!


Our values

What is Vineyard like?

Wherever you visit a Vineyard church, there's always something that feels familiar.



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Vineyard Churches Australia currently represents 20 church communities across Australia. Choose your state to find a church near you.

Can’t find a Vineyard community near you? Contact the office to see if there’s an upcoming plant or initiative in your area.

Study with Vineyard

Vineyard College is a training arm of Vineyard Churches Australia. It provides access to a variety of on-line training courses at Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels.

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