Our goal is to plant, or begin new, healthy, fully functioning churches who in turn will also plant healthy churches.

So, we are looking for men and women who have heard this call from God, have a missional heart for Australia, have a growing understanding and praxis of the Kingdom of God theology and who are willing to be trained as church planters.

Our vision is seeing Vineyard Churches and Kingdom Communities in every city and regional town of Australia.

Interested to Church Plant?

  • To plant a healthy Vineyard church, the planter must first either belong to a Vineyard church or have established relationship with a Vineyard church.
  • Embrace a theology deeply-rooted in Jesus’ proclamation and demonstration of the Kingdom of God.
  • Share our values that describe what we believe and how we do things.
  • Talk with your local Vineyard Senior Pastor/s.

For more Info on Church Planting please contact our office:

[email protected]

Stages of Church Planting & Development

Vineyard Initiative

A Vineyard Initiative is an exploration of a possible church plant in a new region of the country.

  • It would involve a small team beginning to intentionally gather new people to a vision of building a Vineyard faith community.
  • There would be a clearly defined leader or leader couple overseeing the work.
  • This couple would have a direct relationship with an existing Vineyard church and sent out by them in a partnership.
  • There would also be a clear line of support and oversight with the partnering/sending Vineyard church.
  • An Initiative is a two year period. (this is an overview of a much more detailed experience).

Vineyard Church Plant 

A Vineyard ‘Initiative’ becomes a ‘Church Plant’ when:

  • There are more than 30 adults in regular attendance at the meetings of the group
  • There are people who have become believers through the team sharing the gospel
  • There is clear community engagement with an outreach to those in need in the community.
  • There are at least two well-functioning small groups meeting regularly (at least fortnightly) with different leaders
  • There is a clear process of developing further leaders is in place with people already identified to participate
  • They receive confirmation from the Board of VCA to begin the process of establishing them as a publically recognised entity with an agreed name (this will need to be checked through the relevant Government department)

Vineyard Church

A church plant becomes a church as the plant continues to grow and establish more small groups and a weekly worship celebration. We would expect this to occur after a further 2 years of healthy church life.

The following key characteristics of the church have been established and working appropriately:

  • New people are becoming Christians, being discipled and growing in maturity.
  • The church community has a presence in the local community serving those in need.
  • Alignment with the Vineyard Values is clearly demonstrated.
  • A functioning leadership team (distinct from the Board) overseeing the different ministries/activities of the church
  • Well-functioning administration procedures including Healthy church life guidelines
  • Regular attendance at all national Vineyard activities by key leaders
  • All the legal requirements have been established and well maintained
  • There is a clear sense of ongoing vision and mission for the church community and its ministries in and outside the church