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We are currently in the process of writing number of new units with a distinctly Vineyard ethos and practice. Already we have the following units on offer at diploma, degree and postgraduate study levels:

Vineyard Distinctives

An overview of the history and distinctives of the Vineyard movement, including the contribution of John Wimber and his ecclesiological and theological perspectives. Learn more →

Kingdom and Spirit

At the centre of Jesus message was “the Kingdom of God”. This course unfolds the “now-but-not-yet” theology of the Kingdom of God as emphasized by the Vineyard. It then continues on to look at the person and work of the Holy Spirit and how we can engage in Spirit-empowered ministry. Learn more →

Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer will help you understand the importance of healing in your own personal life and ministry, as well as its place in today’s church. It

will also greatly assist you to engage more fully with the healing power of God. The format of the course is based around the material in Alexander Venter’s book, Doing Healing. Learn more →

Church and Ministry

In Church and Ministry we help you understand what the purpose of the church is meant to be about. It also examines key aspects of ministry such as leadership, discipleship and values and what importance they play. Learn more →


This unit is currently being written and will be offered in Trimester 1, 2022. It focuses on “What is Worship” and of course discusses the Vineyard value of intimacy in worship. It also has practical teaching for worship leaders and team members. Learn more →

Other Subjects

Although not specifically written by or for the Vineyard, there are a number of units that have been written in conjunction with the Vineyard or by Vineyard authors. These include:

Spiritual Formation

Personal and Spiritual Formation is strongly emphasised by both Vineyard and ACOM. We have worked together to bring you a Spiritual Formation unit that will help establish lifelong practices for spiritual and personal health. Learn more →

Church Planting

This is an exciting new era for church planting and this unit presents teaching on biblical principles and practical aspects of church planting. It is written by a Vineyard pastor and is very much in line with Vineyard thinking on church planting. Learn more →

Supervised Ministry 1 & 2

These units on Supervised Ministry go for two trimesters and give the student opportunity to read and study, and then to apply their learning in a local Vineyard ministry context. A good mix of theory and practice running simultaneously. Learn more →

And as we said… more Vineyard units are on their way. Why not sign up now to study with Vineyard College and receive the most distinctive Vineyard training offered across the globe at Higher Education level?