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Home » Vineyard College » Pursuing Your Calling » Missionary

Mission? Missions? Missional? Missionary?

There seems to be a lot of words describing a similar thing. But whatever aspect of mission you are looking at, be it to your own community, overseas, with an organisation, or in your school or work, there is a wide selection of units on offer at Vineyard College/ACOM that you will love getting your teeth into.

Being on a mission in the Kingdom of God is an amazing call. In order to prepare and equip you for this journey, we highly recommend taking courses from the following categories. These courses will focus in on teaching & equipping you with the practical skills you need for the missional activities you will have to perform while giving you the insight and knowledge of the Scriptures so that you can lead others well.

Vineyard Essentials

Recommended for Missionaries

Ministry Skills Courses