The Program

A year-long program combining:

  • practical ministry experience
    • If you are not part of a Vineyard Church we may be able to arrange one where you can do an Internship (contact us to talk about this)
  • supervision and mentoring
    • Supervision is normally done by a church pastor or key leader (mentors can be “older and wiser” Church members)
  • academic study (with ACOM – supervised by Vineyard)
    • Four subjects are completed during the internship (Spiritual Formation, Supervised Ministry 1, New Testament and Vineyard Distinctives)

… in a local Vineyard church!

Overview of Units

Spiritual Formation

This unit spans the year and has interns joining with other Vineyard students to participate in a Formation Retreats and Zoom facilitations. Students are assigned a trained formation director as they commit to Spiritual Formation of the whole person.

Supervised Ministry 1

This is the interns’ second year long unit. While ACOM provides the structure for this unit, your Vineyard church provides a ministry placement, a supervisor and a mentor for each intern as they observe, experiment with, and learn from practical experiences.

Introduction to New Testament

This single trimester unit is taken over 12 weeks. Interns attend a three-day ACOM led facilitation, either in-person or online. The unit provides a foundation for Biblical or Theological studies.

Elective unit (Vineyard Distinctives)

This single trimester unit is taken over 12 weeks, allowing the student to concentrate on their ministry area. ACOM has several hands-on ministry focused units for students to choose from: Youth / Children’s / Worship / Chaplaincy / Pastoral Care / Evangelism / Preaching.

You have the option of running this unit in-house for your interns by providing 20 hours of learning support.

Alternatively, students can attend a three-day ACOM facilitation for the unit face-to-face or online.

ACOM supplements accredited training resources with a supportive digital learning environment including:

  • Moodle learning management system;
  • Online library databases;
  • Grammarly writing support;
  • Study Skills resources;
  • Zoom video conferencing for facilitations.

The completed Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry can be used as credit equivalent to four units into the Diploma of Ministry.

You can also choose to continue the internship program into a second year, with a further four units including a Cross Cultural Ministry experience, and further practical hands on ministry units for students looking to continue their study journey.

A completed Diploma articulates into Bachelor level awards.

A completed Graduate Certificate in Arts articulates into a variety of Master level awards.

ACOM can also provide template resources and promotional material to help your Church get started.


Across the year interns will engage in the the following subjects:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Supervised Ministry 1
  • New Testament
  • Vineyard Distinctives

Additional aspects available to Interns:

  • Fee-HELP available for eligible students
  • Centrelink Youth Allowance, Austudy and Abstudy approved for eligible students
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Grammarly – Grammar checking software free for all students
  • Extensive Student Support & Study Skills Resources available to all students

More course details

The Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study in practical ministry-oriented areas of interest. It enables students to gain knowledge and skills for engagement in practical Christian ministry without committing to a long study program. It is ideal for those just starting out and looking to engage in a local ministry internship program with a study component in order to enhance their prospects of employment in a ministry setting, within a church or para-church context.

The Graduate Certificate in Arts is similar to the Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry in what it seeks to offer. To be eligible to do this Graduate Certificate students will need to have already to have received a Bachelors Degree in any field.

This program is a partnership between Vineyard Churches Australia, Vineyard College, Australian College of Ministries and local Vineyard Churches, and is open to all applicants 16 years of age and older.

Ready to start your journey?

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