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Application Procedure for Vineyard College/ACOM

Thanks for your interest in Vineyard College. To simplify the enrolment process and avoid unnecessary doubling-up of information we have provided for you here the ACOM enrolment form. We will gather all the information we need from there.

When you fill out the form:

  • Where it asks for Learning Cohort, please state “Vineyard College”.
  • Your ID and previous transcripts do not need to be certified during the current lockdown, however, ACOM will require you to tick a box stating that you are okay with them verifying the information.
  • The online application form may also ask you to include a personal testimony and a ministry placement form. As a Vineyard Learning Cohort student you do not need to provide these.
  • You will, however, need to sign a Learning Cohort Agreement. It is attached here.
  • Please fill it out and send it to [email protected] , where it will be signed forwarded on to ACOM.

Please make sure to enrol in plenty of time to be accepted ready for the start of trimester.

If you are applying for FeeHelp, this also needs to be completed prior early, however, a FeeHelp link will not be sent to you, until your application and documents has been received.

Click Here to Apply Online

Thank you for choosing Vineyard College/ACOM.