Vineyard College Australia – Training and Equipping people for life and ministry.

Higher Education

Vineyard College offers a number of Higher Education study options.

  • Associate degree level
  • Bachelor degree level

Peter Downes (D.Min; BTh ) oversee’s the Vineyard Australia student cohort. Peter and Kathy Downes are senior pastors of the Geelong Vineyard Church in Victoria, Australia.

VCA Leadership Track

The Vineyard Australia Leadership Track is a training pathway to help local church pastors develop emerging leaders in the local church. We recognise that leaders develop best in an environment where they can walk alongside an experienced leader and learn on job. We also recognise that pastors have many calls on their time and developing training resources can be time-consuming. So rather than prescribing a training program to be implemented, The Leadership Track provides a toolbox that the pastor can reach into as they identify the training needs of the emerging leaders. Included in the toolbox is material for the pastor to use in the monthly mentoring meetings.

As part of the Leadership Track, we recommend that churches partner together with another nearby Vineyard church for three intensives focussed on developing leadership in various aspects of church life. This allows relational connections to be formed with developing leaders from other Vineyard churches and valuable exchange of insight and ideas from other leaders.

  • The Leaders Track toolbox includes:
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Recommended Video/podcast list
  • Recommended Experiences list
  • 3 Leadership Development days
  • Resource pack for monthly mentoring meetings

Greg Trainor (MA Theol. Stud.; BSc (Hons); Dip Ed; CertIV TAE ) oversee’s the VCA Leadership Track. Greg and Dianne Trainor the senior pastors the Cabramatta Vineyard Church in New South Wales, Australia.

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