Equipping for life and ministry…

Vineyard College is a training arm of Vineyard Churches Australia. It provides access to a variety of on-line training courses at Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels. Vineyard College operates under a cohort relationship with Australian College of Ministries (ACOM).

Our aim at Vineyard College is very simple…we are here to help equip men and women for life and ministry.

Each of the courses capture the academic experience and excellence of ACOM, as well as including access to a number of ‘Vineyard’ based subjects which enhance the training for current and future leaders within the Vineyard movement and the wider church.

What makes Vineyard College different?

We are very excited about supporting students and adding value to their training experience by including Spiritual Direction sessions, conference attendance and a retreat as part of the training program.

An online college with lots of extras. . .

Do a Diploma, Degree or Postgraduate study with Vineyard College and you will receive the following training package extras:

  • a distinctively Vineyard ministry perspective into many of the subjects being studied
  • regular video tutorials with other Vineyard students to share and compare thoughts on ministry in your context
  • regular live video input from global Vineyard leaders
  • on call support from a Vineyard College representative
  • opportunities for face-to-face training
  • 12 months of Spiritual Formation focus, including regular meetings with a qualified Spiritual Director *
  • accommodation, registration and meals at the annual Vineyard Leadership Conference **
  • registration at the annual Vineyard National Conference **

* when enrolled in our Spiritual /Personal Formation subject

** when enrolled in our Vineyard Distinctives subject

Whatever your call, we invite you to consider the programmes of Vineyard College. . . .we would love you to partner with us.

For further information about these courses contact the Vineyard College Coordinator, Dr. Peter Downes ([email protected]), or use the form below.

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